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Bring Your Dream Home to Life in Broken Bow, OK

Bring Your Dream Home to Life in Broken Bow, OK

Let the pros handle your custom log home design

You can't wait to wake up in the morning to see a gorgeous sunrise break over the southeastern Oklahoma mountains. But before you can start enjoying this sight on a daily basis, you need to get your custom cabin design plan squared away. The experienced team at Kergos Construction and Design, LLC can help with that.

Count on us to create a custom log home design plan that's right up your alley. Contact us today to speak with a talented cabin designer in Broken Bow, OK.

We make the process as easy as 1, 2, 3

Are you already daunted by the range of design options? The knowledgeable team at Kergos Construction and Design can take away the stress.

We'll break down the custom cabin design process into three manageable steps by:

  1. Going over the design elements you want to have in your Broken Bow, Oklahoma dream home.
  2. Drafting your custom log home design plan and tweaking it in response to your feedback.
  3. Breaking ground and working efficiently to complete the construction on schedule.

Take the next step toward owning your stunning mountain home. Call us right now to set up a no-obligation consultation.